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Wholesome Creations is a company that takes pride in the products we make. We use therapeutic grade essential oils and natural ingredients to reduce the toxins that we all put in our bodies. No longer do we have to accept ingredients that cannot even be pronounced; if it is not essential it's not added.

Our Products 

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Our rollerballs are made standard from therapeutic grade essential oils and fractionated coconut oil. Each come in a 10 ml amber glass bottle with a metal ball for ease of use and protection from the sun to preserve the ingredients.

Lip Balms

Our lip balms are perfect for those on the go or even kids headed to school. They are fun to use and leave lips very soft without feeling greasy. Each tube is made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Drawing Salve

The drawing salve comes in a cute 2 oz container and will last for months. It works great on metal splinters, wood splinters, boils, thorns, warts, moles, cystic acne, spider bites, bug bites, poison ivy, and poison oak just to name a few. This salve is essential for any medicine cabinet.

Coming soon..

We are working hard to bring everything a household would need to live more naturally.  Some items to be looking forward to: All-purpose cleaner, Antibacterial spray, laundry soap, hand soap, and lotion bars  just to name a few.

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